Composite Garden Rooms - Specifications

Composite Cladding Building Specialists

Composite Garden Rooms are specialist in the manufacture, supply and installation of composite clad garden buildings including garden offices and garden rooms. Composite cladding is a relatively new product in the construction industry and it is now starting to dominate the external cladding choice for garden buildings. Composite cladding is a new and improved type of external cladding that works better, more efficiently, and with less maintenance than traditional timber products.

Composite cladding not only gives your outdoor garden building a contemporary cosmetic upgrade but will provide additional protection from the elements. Composite cladding is a hassle-free, weather-resistant external finish that unlike standard timber cladding, is rot, mould, fire and pest resistant. Available in a range of seven different colours.

Manufactured using a combination of 60% recycled hardwood fibres and 40% recycled plastic. Unlike traditional timber cladding boards, smooth wood plastic composites do not require staining, varnishing or sanding throughout its lifespan.

Floor Construction

The floor section incorporates: Six Inch C16 graded structural Tanalith treated floor timbers, external air vent, timber latts, thermal slab insulation, internal air vent, industrial grade moisture resistant tongue and groove timber floor boarding, foam underlay, heavy duty v groove laminate wooden flooring and timber skirting boards. You can choose between light oak or washed grey laminate flooring.

Wall Construction

Our wall sections incorporates: External timber cladding, timber latts, external air vent , waterproof membrane, C16 wall timbers, thermal slab insulation, internal air vent, OSB (oriented strand board timber inner wall lining. All external walls are covered with a vapour and breather membrane. The vapour and breather membrane is positioned on the outer side of the insulation, allowing vapour to escape from inside while repelling any water that tries to enter. Each garden building incorporates double air vents which allows the building to fully breathe and prevents any condensation.

Roof Construction

Each garden building is constructed using a Kingspan interlocking thermal roofing system. Each individual insulated roof section is sandwiched with a rigid thermal insulation core. These highly insulated interlocking roof sections cover the entire roof with an incline from front to rear to allow water to flow into the rear guttering section. A down pipe and is also installed to the rear of the garden building to dispense water from the roof. The visible edges of the roofing system are additionally finished using anthracite (dark grey) Aluminium roof trims.

Fully Insulated For All Year Round Use!

All garden buildings are fully insulated using superior insulation products from manufacturers including Knauf and Kingspan (market leaders). Each garden building is raised of the ground to allow a vented space underneath. Raising the garden building off the ground ensures a free flow of air underneath and eliminates any risk of condensation or rising damp. Your new garden building will be a fully insulated and ventilated building that is comfortable to use all year around.

Concrete & Steel Foundations

You do not need to provide a concrete base for our garden buildings.To save you the expense and inconvenience, we use specially designed, concrete pile foundations combined with heavy duty galvanised steel legs and plates. The steel legs can be adjusted which means we can install our garden buildings onto either flat or slightly uneven surfaces. Your garden building will be raised off the ground to allow a vented space underneath. This ensures that the structure will not be affected by rising damp.

Contemporary Exterior Facias, Trims & Profiles

Our contemporary design garden buildings can be externally clad in a range of 7 different composite colours. Each colour contrasts perfectly with the dark grey (anthracite) composite roof facias, wall corner trims and base profiles.

Dark Grey (Anthracite) Doors & Windows

All our garden building doors, fixed window panels and opening windows are supplied with high quality dark grey (anthracite) PVC-U profiles. The door and window profiles match the composite facias, trims and profiles and contrast nicely with all the different composite colours.

Double Glazing & Security

All double glazing units are A rated tinted Planitherm argon gas filled double glazed units complete with super warm edge spacers. Many glass manufacturers use a hard coating which leaves a dusty looking haze across the surface. Planitherm clear glass uses a different process which produces a excellent, energy efficient beautiful natural clear finish.Each individual aluminium reinforced PVCu door and window is fitted with insurance approved locks.

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) Interior

Inside all our garden buildings you will find the walls are lined in a hard wearing OSB timber panels. OSB boards, short for oriented strand boards, are an engineered wood product used within construction. Since their invention in the early 1960s, they have grown to be a popular building material due to their reliability and strength. OSB timber boards are perfect for fixing shelves, tv brackets and pictures etc. OSB boards can be left natural (which is visually very attractive) or they can be sealed with a stain or painted in any colour to suit your particular preferences.

Internal Flooring

The internal timber floor carcase is completely covered using an industrial grade moisture resistant tongue and grooved timber floor boarding. In addition each garden building floor is covered with a foam underlay and high-quality laminate wooden flooring. The laminate flooring is very hardwearing and easy to clean, making it the perfect flooring choice for an outdoor garden building. You can choose between a light oak or washed grey laminate flooring colour.

Optional Extras

PVCu Doors & Windows

Although we include dark grey (anthracite) PVCu doors and windows with each garden building some customers add additional doors and windows. Choose from single, double (patio & sliding), wide, tall or square opening windows and fixed glass window panels. A popular option for many customers is to add one or two fixed glass window panels..

Dark Grey (Anthracite) Composite Decking

To compliment your new garden building, you may like to consider some composite decking to the outside. The composite decking can be added to the front, sides or even both. The composite decking includes a sub frame and a composite decking top. The most popular composite decking is the dark grey (anthracite) colour as it perfectly contrasts with the dark grey (anthracite) PVCu door and window profiles and the facia, wall and base trims.

Internal Storeroom

You may wish to divide the internal space inside your garden building and access the separate area either by an internal door or external door. The installation team can divide your internal space with a partition walls. Partition walls allow for an efficient dividing of internal space for a multitude of different uses. Separating the internal space is very useful if you require an area for the storage of tools, bicycles, garden machinery etc. The exact location of the internal dividing wall can be decided on site.

Garden Building Electrics

As standard we do not include any internal electrics in our prices. This is actually to save you the customer money! The majority of garden building suppliers will include some electrical sockets and a light in their prices but at a substantial cost. However, as the vast majority of customers use a local electrician to connect the mains supply from the house to the garden building it is actually a lot cheaper to have the same electrician install some sockets and a light inside the garden room at the same time as doing the mains connection. This saves money as it does not involve two separate electricians calling to site and trying to coordinate the different connections.

If you would like to talk to a member of our friendly staff about our composite garden rooms specifications, we would be very happy to hear from you. You can even call us free on FREEPHONE: 0800 170 1273 (It's free to call us from either a mobile phone or a landline).