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Book your FREE Composite Garden Rooms Site Survey today. Simply complete the form below and a member of our friendly and experienced site survey team will contact you to arrange an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. Composite Garden Rooms are one of the longest established garden building suppliers in the UK (established in 2006) and offer a nationwide installation service.

The FREE site survey gives us the chance to see your outside space, to learn a bit more about you and to really understand what it is you are ideally looking for. Our survey costs you nothing and is undertaken by an experienced member of our team, not a salesman. Once completed you will receive a complete, full fixed price no obligation quotation.

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As a general rule of thumb - If you can put a long ladder on your shoulder and walk from the parking area to the site area we will be able to construct a building on your site area.

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We do require a reasonably level ground site area. Our concrete and steel pile foundations are adjustable and we are able to construct on uneven ground up to maximum 300mm or 12 inches across the entire garden building foot print.

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Is there any other useful information you can tell us about the site area? For example is the ground soft or compacted, suffers from water retention, have trees recently been removed, did the area used to be a pond etc.

Garden Building

Planning Permssion

The vast majority of our garden buildings are constructed under the governments permitted development rules. In most cases you are allowed to construct a garden building at your property without the need for planning permission. There are a few exceptions to this rule including those people living in a Conservation Area, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or National Park.

Distance From Boundaries

Please Note: Under the current permitted development rules 2.5m high garden buildings have to be located a certain distance from your boundary. Building up to 15m internal floor area * (up to 5.5m x 3m) must be located 0.5m from any boundary. Buildings over 15m2 internal floor area (above 5m x 3.5m) must be located 1m from any boundary. Apex roof garden lodges are required to be sited 2m from any boundary.


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